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Now hiring for Machine Operators in Lancaster PA

  Available schedules | Entry and Skilled Positions available

9:45PM to 6AM


Rotating Schedule

Machine Operator Job Duties:

  • Understands how and when to move raw materials from staging area to the dryer
    vessels and to move finished goods out of the production area. (Secondary operation,
    fabrication or shipping).
    • Identifies and labels raw material containers, gaylords and barrels, preps materials
    • Sets up and tears down extrusion lines (Crosshead, Dies and other tooling as required),
    safely, properly, and within accepted time standards. Understands how to inspect the
    tooling prior to setup to ensure a successful setup can be achieved.
    • Reads and interprets product prints.
    • Runs a variety of products to print.
    • Sufficient understanding of extrusion processing and equipment basics to make
    adjustments to lines in order to make product to specification. Recognizes the cost of
    • Understands and follows packaging standards
    • Performs housekeeping duties (organizing, sweeping, cleaning and dumping trash) on station

Job Requirements

  • Ability to operate material movement and packaging equipment
  • Ability to communicate/work with coworkers to achieve goals
  • Good hand/eye coordination and manual dexterity for repetitive tasks.
  • Ability to lift/move up to 50 lbs. 
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