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Old Hickory Smokehouse smokes, processes, and cuts their own meats in house. They use these meat products in a variety of items. The USDA is onsite every day and governs them. This location is very cold, and you will work in temperatures around 34 degrees all day. Job duties: roll meat and cheese products together to assemble paninos, place paninos on the conveyor belt, place paninos in containers, and pack containers into boxes for shipment. Good hand dexterity and attention to detail helpful. Shift: 6:55am - 3:30pm (be there at 6:45am) - 30 minute lunch and 15 minute break Pay rate: $11 an hour to start - WILL hire on anyone that makes it 520 hours - once FT, will go to $12.50 an hour Smoking: allowed outside in rocky island area - make sure butts go in proper receptical - can be written up by the USDA if not disposed of properly Parking: anywhere around the building or across the street - do not park in manager or visitor spots Dress code: pants/jeans/sweatpants - tshirts/long sleeve shirts/sweatshirts - hoodie/beanie - wear several layers so you will stay warm PPE: slip resistant boots, hair and beard nets, safety glasses, gloves, smocks (all laundry done onsite) Report to: Lisa Terry (she will be waiting in the break room - afterward, she can be found at the front desk in the lobby Drug screen: 10 panel Background checks: 7 year - felonies reviewed on case by case basis - no sexual offenses or abuse to children - willing to give second chances Education: no HSD/GED required

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