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Job Information


Essential Functions

  1. Implement, maintain and monitor safety programs in accordance with CGI Windows and Doors.
  2. Provide advice and support for all aspects of Environmental, Health, Safety, and Security.
  3. Work closely with OPS, HR and Quality functions in support of collaborative projects.
  4. Coach and direct employees in daily operations of health and safety, and policies and procedures
  5. Analyze accident/incident trends and develop/implement recommendations to improve safety behaviors and plant safety record.
  6. Coach and motivate people in environmental, health and safety practices and behaviors.
  7. Coordinate Safety Programs such as Hazard Communications, PPE, Machine Guarding, etc.
  8. Evaluate hazards in an industrial setting and perform risk assessments, job hazard analyses (JSA’s), and work instructions.
  9. Coordinate receiving and distribution of PPE.
  10. All other Safety/HR duties as assigned.

Job Requirements


  1. Communication Proficiency.
  2. Organizational Skills.
  3. Mathematical Skills.
  4. Technical Capacity.
  5. Thoroughness.
  6. Time Management.
  7. Detail Oriented.
  8. Can follow instructions.
  9. Able to travel 20% of the time.


Experience & Skills Required:

  1. Experience working in manufacturing environment.
  2. Ability to lift heavy objects, up to 50 lbs., on a regular basis depending on product being produced.
  3. Understand and follow company policies, such as attendance and conduct.
  4. Demonstrate team skills.
  5. Demonstrate willingness to shift tasks performed, as needed.
  6. Understands need for and regularly wear PPE.
  7. Knowledge of Microsoft Office software (preferred)
  8. Bilingual English-Spanish (preferred)


Ability to work overtime

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