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Sets up and operates power shear to cut metal objects, such as plates, sheets, slabs, billets, or bars to specified dimensions and angle: Turns handwheels to adjust rake and pressure of blade. Positions and clamps stops and side guides to set length and angle of cut, using rule, built-in gauges, or template. Lifts workpiece manually or by hoist or crane to machine bed or roller table and positions it against side guide and end stops. Starts machine which clamps workpiece and lowers blade to cut metal. Lays out cutting lines on metal, using rule, square, or template when shearing single pieces. May tilt bed, blade, or install fixtures to shear, bevel, or trim fabricated items. May set up and operate shear on production line in which shear is fed by conveyor, such as automobile frame line or rolling mill. May operate portable shear to cut sheet metal. May inspect work, using tape, compass, gauge, template, or micrometer to verify dimensions.


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