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Job Information


Packer - Temecula, CA 

Monday - Friday 2:00 PM - 10:30 PM $15.00 / hour 

Monday - Friday 10:00 PM - 6:30 AM $15.50 / hour 



? Bottle inspection for quality and integrity

? Trim flash from bottles (HDPE plastics only)

? Pack bottles in appropriate container and configuration, keeping up with the output of the machine.

? Feed tails, moils, flash and substandard product into granulator for reuse (HDPE plastics only)

? Ensure accuracy of label when labeling boxes filled with bottles.

? Assist Mechanic Operators in clearing machine or cleaning of machine. Clearing or Cleaning = picking up dirty bottles during the day & shift changeover. ? Occasionally empty regrind hoppers

? Log counts for machine and bottle scrap

? Maintain a safe and clean work area.

Job Requirements

Physical Requirements: 

  • Ability to stand while on shift 
  • Ability to wear hair net while on shift since working with food grade bottles. 
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