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Job Information


Seeking highly motivated individuals to work at a fast growing food manufacture in Irvine! The Sanitation Worker is a member of a cleaning crew whose duties are to clean and sanitize food or beverage processing equipment, which are operated by the customer daily, to meet Quality Control and Bacterial Standards imposed by the customer and applicable Government agencies, such as the USDA. The cleaning crew is required to completely clean and sanitize the plant quickly and efficiently during relatively short time periods between the plant's normal production shifts, which typically require that the Sanitation Worker work during late evenings and nights, and frequent overtime (weekends, days and evenings). The Sanitation Worker is required to work in an environment that is wet, very humid, and experiences extreme temperature changes, from very hot to very cold, which may cause the work area to become foggy, icy and slippery.

Job Requirements

• Prior Sanitation experience in a USDA facility preferred.

• Must be able to Read, Write, and Understand the English Language.

• 2-4 years of experience is preferred in food manufacturing environment.

• Knowledge of Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP’s), must be production oriented and have knowledge of food processing.

• Must be able to lift 50 lbs. and do so periodically throughout an 8-hour shift.

• Must be able to safely navigate in and around production equipment in a wet environment.

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