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Job Information


Do you have soldering experience? Assembler needed in Oak Ridge! 

Day Shift



Assembler I assemble sub-assemblies and components together to configure a fully completed product.



Visually examine top and bottom solder for inadequate or defective solder joints

Clean finished boards to remove flux residue.

Check location of components against a blueprint.

Hand solder some small P.C. boards

Measure, cut and strip wires per spec.

Crimp coax cable connectors

Install all Engineering reworks

Build Assemblies against assembly drawings.

Install point-to-point wiring and harness assemblies.

Install hardware on various products.

Visually inspect manufactured items for cosmetics, workmanship, soldering, conformance to drawings, and quality standards

Verify proper revision levels and markings per prints

Follow and update priority schedules.

Train and assist team members, provide support, tools, standards, etc.

Maintain/update inventory records on jobs completed

Cycle counts for Inventory Control




Good soldering skills

Ability to follow IPC and company workmanship standards

Ability to identify components

Ability to read blueprints

Mechanical assembly skills

Ability to measure wire lengths in fractions

Knowledge of all assembly related hand tools.



Computer skills, i.e., Windows Operating System





Job Requirements

Minimum Education Required

High school diploma or equivalent


Number and Type of Years Required

7 months to one year



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