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ResourceMFG is seeking an experienced Compound Mixer to start work immediately. As a Compound Mixer, your duties will include, but are not limited to:

Observe meters and turn valves to admit measured amounts of liquids into mixer.

Observe thermometer and sets thermostat to heat mixer to specified temperature.

Complete inspection form and start mixing compounds.

Examines mixture to ensure that consistency conforms to standards. Start conveyor to transfer finished batch to refining machine.

Maintain quality standards by verifying weight and contents of raw materials.

May tend automatic sugar grinders or pulverize machines.

Produce and maintain required process documentation including batch sheets, operating logs, and system checks as required by management.

Complete batch sheets for recording amounts made for each job.



Job Requirements

One year of experience as a mixer in a food, cosmetic or pharmaceutical environment.

Knowledge of chemical composition, structure and properties.

Knowledge of machines and tools.

Ability to add, subtract, divide, weigh, and read batch recipe.

Must be able to work Monday-Friday 7am - 3:30pm with overtime and weekends when required.


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