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Job Information


Quality Control Tech:

  • $18/hr
  • Quality control analysis of the products and raw materials and special inter-department projects as needed
  • Analyze, approve/ reject, and adjust products and raw materials based on corporate Q.C. specifications.
  • Use Lotus Notes for Q.C. specs and procedure information
  • Calculate product adjustments, and communicate to Manufacturing
  • Use of all laboratory equipment and instruments, such as PH meters, AA, HPLC, UV, ICP, etc.
  • Maintain records of test results and enter into SAP data management system.
  • Chemistry degree required
  • Lab experience 1-4 years (school lab counts)
  • Industrial chemical lab
  • Not looking for engineers – this is an hourly position
  • No medical, pharmacists, etc
  • We do not want/need people that have a biology degree
  • We do not want people that are overqualified with their degrees (master or phd) or have too much experience where they were making 2x or more what we are paying
  • This is an industrial chemical QC lab
  • It is not a pharmaceutical lab or an automotive or aerospace lab
  • Shift: 6am-2:30pm


Job Requirements

Bachelor Degree in Chemistry or applicable Science


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