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Job Information


Job Purpose: Performs prescribed duties and assists the Press Operator as requested in setting up and running a flexographic press printing multi-colored designs and lettering on a flexible web consisting of plastic, cellophane, paper, etc.

Key Accountabilities:

A) Assists the Press Operator in set-up activities by obtaining necessary raw materials (inks, films) for impending job, checking against production order to insure accuracy, and assembling other required elements such as pans, pumps, covers, etc.

B) Assists Press Operator in loading cylinders (1-10 per job; 75-280 lbs each) into press.

C) Loads proper film onto unwind, checking for defects and maintaining accurate weight records and checking correct side to print on using base film guide.

D) Lifts unwind shafts (approx. 30-75 lbs each) as necessary to remove empty cores and load new ones.

E) Fills ink pumps, secures hoses, and transfers ink to designated printing unit.

F) Sets ink viscosities to prescribed standards using Zahn cup and timer.

G) Lifts and transports ink kits (15-75 lbs each) as necessary.

H) Maintains accurate records on inks, solvents, and related materials coming to press.

I) Maintains adequate ink and film supplies to press and replenishes unwind mat

J) Checks and documents ink viscosities at prescribed intervals and ensures ink volume sufficiency.

K) Assists operator in matching printed ink samples to color standards at prescribed intervals.

L) Watches web for problems during operator absence and reacts accordingly.

M) Cleans the equipment and work areas and secures materials for impending jobs as production activity allows. N) Keeps the floor free of liquid.

O) Returns, with occasional assist from operator, ink and other materials to their designated storage areas with proper information attached.

P) Cleans ink equipment in automatic vat as required.

Q) Works with the operator in a manner necessary to facilitate learning

Job Requirements

Must be able to work a Rotating Shift - 3 days on 2 days off working every other weekend 7pm-7am

Must Have Steel Toe Boots

Must be reliable and dependable

Must have experience operating the Sit Down Forklift

Position is Long Term/Temp to hire

Must be able to Pass Drug Screen and Background check

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