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Working on the cookie assembly line, a production worker will: -Stand at the end of the machine line conveyor, as baked cookies come off the line you will process and package -Gather correct number of cookies and put them into case -Ensure the correct number of cookies are in each case, pack them neatly -Weigh each case to ensure it is the correct weight -Hand off weighed case to the packaging machine operator -Once case has been packaged and covered, it will go to the case up line end user. The end user will pack the correct amount of cases per box. Other duties as assigned Requirements: -Ability to wear proper PPE -Ability to stand for up to 8 hours per day -The environment and job it repetitive, also you will be exposed to warmer temperatures so feeling comfortable working in a warm environment is critical Shift: Monday - Saturday Tuesday off 1st shift: 5am-130pm 2nd shift: 1pm - 930pm 3rd shift: 9pm - 5:30AM Dress Code: -Jeans or pants -Closed toed shoes, tennis shoes or something comfortable for being on your feet -No loose clothing -No jewelry, fake nails or painted nails are allowed on the production floor Please see worksite details for more information on PPE, etc.

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