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Job Information


Clearwater Company Now Hiring an Experienced Blender


SHIFT:  1st      5:00am - 3:00pm   Monday - Thursday (some Fridays)


PAY:  $16.00 hr.


Job Description


  • Maintain and operate blending, product transfer and ancillary equipment in accordance with batch ticket and product record requirements to ensure first run capability.
  • Pull & print batch records, COA’s, MSDS, etc. for scheduled blends off of internal Net Share file and or Customer Shared files to assure correct control documents are being used.
  • Tracking of daily efficiency reports, that includes hours for each task, what batch was produced in what tank and how many gallons, to develop a Cost Per Gallon standard for the department. Note: Efficiency tracking forms must be completed at the end of each shift and no later than 7:00a.m the next morning.
  • Review and check the batch ticket and raw materials for accuracy and completeness operate pumps, blenders, mixers, filters, standing and seated lift trucks and related processing equipment, handle drums, totes, sacks/bags, pails and other assorted containers.
  • Select and set up pumping equipment as required; properly store and handle raw materials, identify and gather hoses, fittings, adapters and related equipment, select and hook up the correct pump/filter combination, check the cleanliness of the delivery system to ensure no cross contamination.
  • Measurement and addition of ingredients, in correct quantity and sequence in accordance with the batch formulation instructions. Meter, pour and/or dump materials into tanks, to create a batch product to be mixed.  Oversight of the blending process ensuring the correct speed and time requirements.
  • Document all pertinent information.  Accurately maintain records and reports as required, complete daily batch tickets, record lot numbers of raw materials and cross reference to the completed batch record, calculate yield and wasted variance if any.
  • Draw samples and perform Quality tests (pH, viscosity, specific gravity, etc.) to ensure compliance with product specifications on all produced blends.
  • Retain a sample of blend to be stored. (retention of 1 to 3 years) Labeled and documented. 
  • Demonstrate proficiency with and be knowledgeable in the use and calibration of a digital pH meter.  Determine spindle size and speed settings to obtain accurate viscometer readings.  Determine specific gravity using hydrometer set.
  • Operate pumping equipment and monitor the process, making adjustments as necessary, either transfer material to liquid filling equipment or bulk storage containers.
  • Maintain safety and housekeeping in the blending area.  Wash down and flush out blending tank and mixer and all process equipment.  Sweep and mop floors, wipe down and clean equipment, relocate waste to disposal area, and keep entire work area in a clean, organized and efficient state.
  • Must work with safety compliance department to assure that all collecting hazardous waste gets labeled, tagged and shipped out of the facility properly so that everything is in compliance. This will be required monthly.
  • Any other duties, as assigned.

Job Requirements

Job Requirements

  • Ability to read B.O.M, blending instructions and carry out directions as necessary. 
  • Strong communications skills with the ability to work with a variety of departments in an efficient and professional manner, as well as the ability to multi-task required. 
  • Proficiency in industrial and business mathematical computations essential as well as computer skills to include familiarity with a J.D. Edwards AS400 or similar materials platform and literacy in MS Office Suite. 
  • Must be able to read and write English.  Bilingual in Spanish desired, but not required.
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