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Setup Technician

Longmont, CO

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ResourceMFG Search Group is very excited to present the following opportunity for a Set-up Tech position in Longmont, CO!

JOB FUNCTION:  To provide the proficient technical and mechanical skills to set up, process, record, and troubleshoot molding, tooling or equipment on new or existing molds. The scope of this position includes the operation of all auxiliary equipment including automation with results in minimizing direct labor on each job. 

Material Handling

  1. Maintain plastic resin material traceability. (Apply labels to machines, drying hoppers, regrind boxes, regrind machines and any returned materials).
  2. Set up and cleaning of regrind equipment.
  3. Verify issued plastic material and dye against Quality file
  4. Follow established procedures for handling and cleaning of autoloaders and drying equipment.
  5. Prioritize regrind equipment to maximize material usage for job by use of regrind when allowed by Quality file
  6. Forklift Driver
  7. Maintain a clean and safe work environment.
  8. Adhere to ISO standards.
  9. Adhere to company policies and procedures. 

Molding Operations:

  1. Apply all methods and procedures to ensure a safe and efficient setup of molds from simple to complex molds. This includes taking all safeguards to protect the CUSTOMER’S property (i.e., tied in ejection, accurate mold protection settings, safe lifting methods and recommendations for improvements.
  2. Set up and operation of Mold Temperate Controllers Chiller and Automation.
  3. Include in each setup, time to return all left over equipment, packaging, supplies, tools, water hoses, manifold controllers, last job material, purge material BEFORE any start procedures are applied.
  4. Set up for the safe operation of Ultra-Sonic welding equipment.
  5. Set up for the safe operation of other auxiliary equipment (i.e., Hot manifold controllers, conveyers, drill press, arbor presses, air gate cutters)
  6. Apply Start Procedures, Restart Procedures and Last Part Procedure or End of Run Procedure as a daily practice.
  7. Identify root causes and process to troubleshoot and maximize run efficiencies.
  8. Set up Process Monitoring features to check process consistency of machine/operator repeatability.
  9. Monitor daily scrap rates with the ultimate goal of reduction of scrap.
  10. Perform new mold process development and any recommendations to improve the molding process.
  11. Record Hard copy set up sheets as well as updating electronic setup data as equipment allows.
  12. Perform production duties or break relief duties for the operators as required.
  13. Checking schedules and apply proper shutdown methods to compliment material change over.
  14. Apply proper mold protection and cleaning before removal.
  15. Verify mold set up work.


  1. Clean molds on daily startups, wipe down parting line at least once per shift. Apply lubrication to ejector pins, leader pins, lock blocks & angle pins daily.
  2. Performs bench mold disassembly and assembly for preventative cleaning and lubrication.
  3. Monitor preventative maintenance logs on all molding machines. Perform maintenance at required intervals and log request additional manpower from a supervisor, if required to complete in a timely manner.
  4. Perform basic machine diagnostics for typical heater related problems, fuses, thermocouple.
  5. Assists in new equipment set up or modifications of existing.

Procedures & Documentation:

  1. Develop a standard cleaning procedure for all auto-loaders, dryers, and material filters.
  2. Develop a standard preventative maintenance log for all drying equipment.
  3. Develop a standard preventative maintenance log for each molding machine. 

This document reviews the basic duties of this position, however, they are not intended to limit additional duties or responsibilities, as management deems necessary to complete specific company and/or department goals or other objectives as they arise.

Job Requirements

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